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No matter what level you’re at or what your goal is, this is for you who want to be stronger and healthier than you previously thought possible. It’s for you who want to be and stay pain free and feel better than ever before! Finally, we have opened up so that you too can take part in our unique and effective form of training used by top athletes all over the world.

We focus on optimal health and performance to help you get in the shape of your life, a body that works optimally, and at the same time have great fun when you exercise!

Our training is different from any other training you’ve probably already tried. We want to get away from machines and “robotic movements”, and instead focus on letting the body move the way it’s designed to – the way we move in sports and in life!

You’ll easily and conveniently access your unique training plan directly in our app which allows you to train just about anywhere.

You’ll be provided with the tools and methods I use with world class athletes so that you can also achieve sustainable and long-term results!

Andreas together with Mikaela Shiffrin (US ski team)

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I love this type of training, it's tough at the same time as it's fun and I feel strong

- Ellinor Persson


feel better, perform better

for everyone


under 18

Hobby - elite



Feel better, perform better

for everyone!


under 18

Hobby - elite

Sport specific

online coaching

what's included?

Meal plans and recipes

Tasty and nutritious food after your preferences

Tailored workouts

Workout plans after your condition and goals

follow ups

Continuous follow-ups to reach sustainable and life changing results

..and much more!

Chat, progress tracking and unique lectures directly in our app

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Here you’ll get individual guidance according to your needs and wishes to, together with your coach, set up training, nutrition and recovery for maximum development both during your season and pre-season.

It can either serve as a perfect complement to your team’s training, or you get your whole setup with us. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that it’ll change your life and bring you closer to your biggest dreams and goals.

This is for you who are or want to become a professional athlete. You’ll get an even more individually tailored program and closer contact with your coach.

Edward Lindelöw, College hockey i USA. 5 summers with Andreas

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